sec friends and foes

Who to root for this weekend…

The goal of our beloved bulldawgs every season is to make it to the SEC championship game. Even though we have 2 SEC losses already, there is still plenty of time and plenty to hope that we can still make it to the dome come December, but we need some help.

First, obviously we need to win out. Not easily accomplished, but not impossible, especially given Florida’s pedestrian performances so far. What we really need is for the SEC to work its magic and cannibalize one another…

Today I have two games and two teams to root for:

17 Auburn vs. 12 South Carolina: Since they hold the tiebreaker over us, the Cocks need to lose 3 SEC games. They still play Florida and the Tide, so why not go ahead and get loss number three today? War Damn Eagle baby!

9 Florida vs Kentucky: Your initial thought would probably be Go Wildcats. Not so fast…Kentucky has a favorable SEC schedule and with a win over Florida, they may have the confidence to do something. Florida still has to play the Tide and us. I’ll take my chances there. Go Gator!

Hope your Saturday goes well…stay tuned for maybe some live blogging during the game tonight.

What’s that coming down the track?