Profiles in Shittyness

Hardly Fair’ley’…

You all saw that bullshit at the end of the game.  I did too.  Captain had a profanity laced tirade that I heard while I was showering, we promptly broke a coffee table.

That mother fucker Fairley was dirty, unconscionable, and down right heinous.  And now after all that happened, he is not even going to be suspended for his part in “Operation Injure Aaron Murray 2010”.

As you may or may not recall, our own Ben Jones was heavily scrutinized when he had an illegal chop block on a player in the MSU game.  The next week, the SEC with Richt on board (and rightly so) suspended Ben for a half.  What did Fairley get for something even more egregious? That’s right, not a recommended suspension frm Mike ‘Doo-doo Pants’ Slive and the SEC.  Nope, his discipline will be handled ‘internally’.  Now this internal handling will be by the same classless asshole who riled up his team an added fuel to the fire during the “scuffle’.  Chizick.  That’s right, the enabler.

Mike “Doo-doo Pants” Slive has shown two things in the past week: 1) He has no regard for protection quarterbacks in the SEC whose names aren’t Mallett or Newton  and 2) well Pontius Pilate* his way through damning circumstances.  If this guy thinks he is providing good, strong, and unbiased leadership, he is on par with Obama thinking Healthcare was a good idea.

But lets not forget who let all of the Fairley mess get out of control: The SEC Refs.  For being the most premier Conference in the land, they sure do have a shitty collections of refs.  From the Arkansas mis-call last and AJ Green’s celebration last year, to this Fairley debacle this year, they ought to be revamped like a hookers lady parts.  But I digress, this also speaks volumes of our ‘fearless’ leader, Doo-Doo Slive.

And to the Auburn fans out there: FUUUCCKKK You!  You can’t defend the indefensible.  You can’t go back and say, ‘well he was blocked int o Murray’, you can’t honestly sit there and tell me UGA started that.  When Caleb King gives an after game quote that said “We were tired of the 30 [personal fouls] that weren’t called” against Auburn, you CAN’T DEFEND IT.  In this guy’s eyes, you have turned this from a friendly rivalry to a fuck fest and once the FBI and NCAA comes down on your beloved University, I will be the one dancing in the end zone.

I was going to knock out a profanity laced tirade, but I just couldn’t do it.  Hopefully this provided some insight, if not, go back to Auburn.

-Inspector G

PS, I’m pissed Toomer’s Corner wasn’t burned to the fucking ground.  This is not a fmaily site, so I’m not going to pretend that it is.

*Pulling a Pontius Pilate is washing your hands clean and giving a ‘will I didn’t do it’ attitude, maybe I should now call it pulling a Slive.