It Hurt Bad Coach

Some Good? News…Injury Update Edition

Branden Smith is cleared to play. That’s great news. According to Seth Emerson  he would be able to return punts, work in the secondary, etc. Lawd knows we need him.

Chapas is still not 100%, nor will he be for another couple of weeks. But he is improving. We need him as badly as Rosie O’Donnell and Jimmy Carter need a hot steaming bath of STFU. It’s that serious.


Injury Report…

As most of you know, we are dinged up a little this week. Branden Smith, Shaun Chapas, Chris Davis are either doubtful or will not play. And of course, there is AJ….wtf? I’m still not over that yet.

Impact: Let me try to put this into words where everyone will understand: Chapas gets my nod for the best all around fullback UGA has had in the Richt era. Does that effect your offensive production, protection, and the bottom line? Hell yes it does.

Branden is one of the most explosive players in the SEC, let alone the nation. Just with him on the field as a decoy gives defenses fits. Not to mention, he’s one of our better players in the secondary. If he can’t go, no bueno.

Chris Davis being out hurts, but I think Tanner Strickland is coming along nicely (judging by my game brekadown on Sunday) and hopefully will not be as injury prone. I think this actually might be a positive if he starts.