Musica, Musica, Musica!!!

We have yet to have a music post…problem solved:

Inspector G’s Seeweeuss Seal of Approval

Top 5, semi-new releases:

1) Boys of Fall, Kenny ” I Heart Denny” Chesney (not really new, but hey, it is football season)

2) Califonia Gurls, Katie “Oh My Lawds, Corn Fed” Perry (I’m not scared of my lesbian side…)

3) Cryin’ Like a Bitch, Godsmack (yes, if you know my roomates, you know this is their ringtone)

4) Walk Away, Five ‘Used to Be Ten” Finger Death Punch (could do much, much worse)

5) Way Out Here, Josh “Four Wheel Drive” Thompson (I’m from GEORGIA, Where are You from?)

DEEEEEEEEP CUTZZZZZ (bands that I am listening to everyday, no particular songs):

NOTE: If I put this here, you should take notice and listen.  This is not a joke and these bands will set you free-er than Zac Brown ever thought about being…musically speaking.

1) Black Keys

2) Junior Kimbrough

3) Eric Church

4)White Stripes

5) Racontuers

Captain’s Mix (songs found on his Ipod on his bedside table, next to the Men’s Fitness mags…):

1) Mistake No 3,  Boy George

2) Jitter Bug, Wham

3) Philidelphia Freedon, Elton John

4) Suffragette City, David Bowie

5) Alejandro, Lady Gaga

Go support these artists with your hard-earned money!!!!!!!

Video of the day:  ‘Way Out Here” – Josh Thompson…hit it baby!

And who gets the photo…..drumroll….the fellas have it:

Katy Perry-DGG-025848.jpg

Yay, whip Cream!

Video of the Day:

-Inspector G