Corrine Brown: Loves Corching


If you have never seen or heard this and always wonder why I refer to Urban Meyer as “Corch Meyers” or Percy Harvin as “Percy Harvey”, then now you will know…

Told you we were pulling out all of the stops.  I like to sit back with about 4 fingers of Knobb Creek and just listen to this rumbling yet entertaining diatribe.  For our reader’s convenience, I have placed one without subtitles and one with.  If you have never sen this, watch the non subtitle one first (the one on top…easy Burrow):

I don’t know what’s worse: her being that stupid or her being that stupid on our taxpayer dime.  Jacksonville, you should be embarrassed for yourself.  How can you elect this woman?  Her and Hank Johnson should go off to Guam and maybe it will capsize.


-Inspector G