Boo Malcome: Between The Tackles

Caleb King gets the Death Penalty…Sort of…

So it’s no front page news now that Caleb King has been giving a 2 game suspension for some bullshit lapse of judgement.

I agree with the penalty albeit, it is pretty harsh for failing to appear for a traffic ticket.  What I don’t understand is how easy it has seemed for the Bulldawg Nation to get so down on this kid.  Wow, speeding ticket.  He forgot to pay.  He is a kid, kids forget. An estimated 235,000 Americans get arrested over the same lapse in judgement anually.

Paul Westerdawg, over at The Georgia Sports Blog said it best, I think (and I’m jealous he wrote this before I did):

“Eleven arrest this season is complete and total non-sense.  I recognize that there’s a MASSIVE disconnect (as Blutarsky called it) between the UGA Administration and the surrounding police force for this to be an issue with Caleb.  I also recognize that at many other schools this never results in an arrest. But it doesn’t matter.  Eleven arrests is eleven arrests.  And it’s not all paperwork and boys will be boys stuff.

It’s already hurting us with recruiting as Bama is using our arrest problem to help sway Crowell.  And that’s why I care the most.

I also care because I think it speaks to the leadership of the program at the player level.  The team needs a gigantic kick in the ass, and it has needed one for a long time.  At some point, that kick in the ass has to come from a guy like Shockley, Pollack, Greene, Gilbert, etc.  There’s a black hole in terms of leadership within the team that’s existed since the 2007 season ended.

Don’t think so?  We were in a four game losing streak without a players only meeting being called. That’s incomprehensible to me. As a point of comparison, LSU was 5-0 and had a players only meeting after almost losing a game.

Teams with great leaders have fewer off the field problems, and they win more on the field.

Until our Mark Richt and our Strength and Conditioning program get back into the business of producing real leaders, I don’t expect that our on the field discipline or our arrest record will improve.  And yes…that’s what the S&C program used to brag about the most. Not the size of our players or fictitious 40 times, but the program’s ability to develop true leadership.”

I, for one, do not think this is a big deal and have the team not had 11 prior arrests, this would be a non-issue.  Keep your head up Caleb, and see ya in two weeks.

Welcome to the show Boo Malcome!!!  I am excitied to see what this guy can do.  He is running (pun INTENDED) about 6′-2″, 220 lbs, around a 4.5-4.6 40 time.  Not a speed demon, but his size and power were renown on the field and that is why he is on scholarship.

I know a lot  pundits want to classify ‘change of pace’ backs as little, scat back, open field types.  Well if the NFL with John Kuhn and more so Peyton Hillis have shown larger, pounding, athletic backs can get it done and ‘change the pace’, too.  Except this ‘change of pace’ normally occurs between the tackles and results in knocking the hell and bowling over some folks.  That’s running with purpose, and since we haven’t been able to run between the tackles well all season, who knows?  Maybe Malcome is ready to unleash a little.

Some Pics and videos of Malcome:

– Inspector G