I Said It’s Great to Be A GEORGIA Bulldawg!

Welcome Back!

La la ladies and Gentleman!  Welcome to the show.  It’s a week before gameday kickoff 2012 and you know what that means: HTT is back!  We’re here because we want to be here.  We’re here because the chicks dig it.  We’re here because no one else has the balls to say what everyone else is thinking.

And there you have it folks.  Our new slogan: “Hey, we’re just saying what everyone else is thinking…”

This year there will be some of your favorites: my analysis, Captain’s whimsical innappropriateness, Jedi’s new bag (since breaking in his HTT cherry last year).  Oh yeah, you’re favorite characters will be back as well: Kenny Rogers, Alan Keyes, The Macho Man…who knows, we may be adding some more.

Remember, we do this for fun and we do it for all of you who take the time to click here.  We appreciate you.

Season starts in 10 days.  Prepare your anus.

-Inspector G

Pre-Season Myths / Current Season Realities

First off, sorry for the lack of posts.  Life happens.

I wanted to visit a couple of the pre-season outlooks that the Bulldawg Nation (and the Sports Nation in general) had for the team this year and compare them to what we’re experiencing now.

Myth No 1: UGA’s Passing Attack will be mediocre without AJ Green.

Reality: Yes, he was the most dominant player at his position in the Nation (and what a hell of a rookie season he’s having as well), but the passing attack has been spread around between TK and 3 other stellar Freshmen (Conley, Bennett, and Mitchell) which in my opinion makes it more lethal.  This can be seen through Murray’s stats: 2284 yards / 27 TDs / 8 INT.


Myth No 2:  Strength and conditioning changes were not good enough.

Reality:  Last scoring drive against Auburn last week.  All runs, getting 8 yards a clip.  Defense then holds all game.  You tell me…


Myth No 3: Fire Mike Bobo

Reality: Murray breaks single season TD passing record (passing UGA awesomeness Guru and Uber Hetero-Sexual Heart-throb Matthew Stafford). We will have a 1,000 yard rusher (Crowell, barring injury) by the end of the season.  Crowell is the 3rd leading rusher in the SEC, behind only Trent Richardson and Michael Dyer.  Murray leads in TDs and efficiency in the Conference.  Really?   I blame Bobo for all of this awfulness.


Myth No 4: Fire Richt

Reality: Not a Goddamned one of you who called for his head better be cheering or savoring a visit to the SEC Championship Game (if we get there, but we should) or in some strange twist of fate we win the SEC CG, not a peep.  Just update your facebook status with “Fire Richt”.


That is all.

-Inspector G

The Bulldog Prayer

You know the content here on HTT.  You know that Captain and I are a bunch of fun loving, vastly inappropriate, and always in your face thug-nasty nasty-thugs!….AND none of that is going to change.  However, at the August 30th meeting for the East Metro Bulldog Touchdown club, an invocation given was so great, so full of awesomeness I just had to post it here.

Without further adieu, the Bulldog Prayer:

Tonight our Lord we are gathered as members of the Bulldog Nation and we thank you for the blessings of being a Bulldog.

We thank you for fall afternoons between the hedges, we thank you that we are blessed to hear the Redcoats playing “Glory, Glory,” and we give thanks for  the chills we get when the trumpet tones the battle hymn.  We give thanks for the smell of ribs cooking on the grills of campus tailgates and we gave thanks for the chapel bell ringing after a victory, and are grateful  for the sheer joy of wearing red and black.

We thank you for those moments that we treasure,  Tarkenton to Herron, the flea-flicker versus Bama, Appleby to Washington, that kid outa Johnson County running through two men, run Lindsey run, sugar falling from the sky, Butler kicking it a million miles, hobnailed boots  that still hurt in Knoxville and Johnson in the end zone.

Tonight we thank you for Aaron Murray, a fine young man who did not charge  us $180,000 to play quarterback.

Tonight we thank you that Mrs. Gathers and Mrs. Jenkins allowed their sons to discover biscuits and pound cake at an early age so that we might have a nose guard for the 3-4 defense.

Tonight we thank you Lord for the potato industry in Idaho so that the boys from Boise will have something to do after they learn they know nothing about football.

Tonight we thank you for the new Nike uniforms.  We may not like them but we know they look better than a Gator in a tank top and jean shorts.

Tonight we thank you that as we gathered here that we have been blessed, we have been blessed to live in land that stands for freedom, for those who have given of themselves to defend our freedom.   We thank you for the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and we pray for your blessings to continue on we who are gathered here this evening that may truly understand that it is great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

John Brown

Monticello, Georgia

Go Dawgs!!!

You’ve got to admit, there is nothing close to this being said at any damned Boise State Touchdown Club meeting.

2 Days my friends, 2 days…GO DAWGS!

-Inspector G