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This site is dedicated to you: the fans.  The fans of UGA football, the fans of UGA sports, the fans of sports in general.  Features on this site will be a steady, raucous diet of football opinions, theory, and “no, this is why you’re wrong”.  While we respect your opinion… wait, only if we think it’s sensible, so no we won’t respect every opinion on this site and be prepared for a backlash should you post something we are not fond of.

Featured on this site will also be music, mild politics, and some common sense features.

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  • I emailed UGA head groundskeeper Kenny Pauley about how bland this year’s field design is. I completely agree with you, the field you have pictured (from around ’06 I believe) is how it should look. It’s gotten so plain and un-unique over the last few years, and this year was what really set me off when they took out the Georgia G at the goalines. Now our field has nothing distinct at all (other than the midfield G). Mr. Pauley stated that change is good, and the red outlines around the field are not good for the grass and take his staff too long. However, he didn’t have any reason why taking away the Georgia G at the goalines makes any sense. The endzone lettering with no black outline looks boring and weak too, in my opinion. And if it’s bad for the grass, then why do most other programs with grass have much more descriptive/full field paint? To me, it just makes his staff look lazy, as they don’t want to take the time to make it look its best.
    This year is so bad as the field has completely lost all of its uniqueness. If you email me I can send you my emails to him. I’d encourage you to email him along the same lines. Maybe if he realizes that many fans (not just me) noticed how boring and bland the “new” field design is, he’ll at least go back to easy, non-time consuming traditions such as the Georgia G at the goalline.

    • Inspector G

      Cincy Dawg,

      You’ve had more progress than I have. I’ve written one letter and made multiple copies of it and ‘borrowed’ some stamps from work and mailed McGarity at least ten of them. I will redirect my efforts on this guy.

      Here’s what I don’t understand: if it is THAT bad for the grass, why did we do it for so long and the field survived? Why is it that so many other stadiums (with natural turf as well) does this? I really don’t understand why so many things are being changed and it frustrates me. Our athletic department talks about football being a ‘product’ and then we go and have the blandest field this side of the world….like I said, I’m perplexed.

      email me at clmassey65@gmail.com

      Thanks for dropping by and dropping a line.

      -Inspector G