Todd Gurley: Progression In Ya Head

This is what happened:

This is what he be thinking while he were doin’ it:

Step 1: Run the hell over fat offensive lineman

Step 2: Make that cut to my left

Step 3: Straight thug nasty stif arm that bitch to the turf

Step 4: Turn tha corner

Step 5: Throwin’  em offa me

Step 6: Run them shits

Step 7: Celebrate with my boys

Step 8: Snow Bunnies! (This step was not featured in the clip, but we can assure you there are some VERY disappointed Daddy’s out there)

Why not, am I right?


This is how we do it.

-Inspector G

One Response to Todd Gurley: Progression In Ya Head

  • 4evra

    (from Left to Right): Yes, Yes, Hell Yes, No (grenade and/or into women), No unless wasted, My God YES (after STD test), Yes after viewing several forms of identification and birth certificate.

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