The Gambler is back with his week 14 picks including the meaningful conference championship games. Saddle up but don’t put any real, actual cash on these picks because ol’ Kenny went a dismal 5-5 in his most recent choices. Shame on you, you old bearded bastard.

LOL @ Big East.


#9 OREGON -31.5 vs. UCLA
Beautiful Ricky Neuheisel is asking for your thoughts and prayers in this one because it’s going to be a SACRIFICIAL BLOOD BATH. UCLA is scoring (23.2 ppg) less points per game than it is giving up (30.8 ppg). That’s all you need to know. Nothing to see here move along, folks.


#17 BAYLOR -2.5 vs. #22 TEXAS
Texas is driving that overrated train off into Failville. Auburn and Florida are already there.

Just like Baylor ended its losing streak against the Sooners, so will Oklahoma State. Both of these teams committed uncharacteristic turnovers in their most recent games (both being against Iowa State… lol) with the lone loss for OSU coming in said game. OSU has a slight offensive edge and OU has the defensive edge, but this game is in Stillwater and Mike Gundy is less of a douchebag than Big Game Bob.

I think Wisky wins the rematch here but I’m not seeing where the 9+ points come from as the last meeting was so close. MSU’s defense forced 2 Russell Wilson INTs (out of 3 for the season) so it would be lucky for the Spartans to catch that kind of break again. Both teams are playing pretty well right now and one of them is going to end the other’s 4-game winning streak.

Clemson’s downward spiral into Tommybowdendom continues this week as it looks to lose its 4th out of its previous 5 contests after starting out 8-0. With embarrassing losses to NC State and South Carolina over the last two weeks, they’ve appeared to have lost that it factor that they had early on. The Hokies couldn’t muster up much on offense in the first meeting between these two which left Clemson with good field position for nearly the entire game. Since then, however, Thomas and Wilson have emerged as dangerous and consistent while Boyd has regressed due to defenses picking up on his tendencies.

Packed the fuck out!

#14 GEORGIA +13.5 vs. #1 LSU
Not putting on the red homer glasses and filling myself with false hope here, but there certainly are many reasons to be optimistic as a Georgia fan, both defensively and offensively. In looking at only the six common opponents that both teams have faced this season, Georgia has held its own compared to LSU when it comes to yards gained and yielded. The big difference, however, has generally been the scores. LSU averaged a 38.3 – 7.3 score while the Bulldogs kept it a bit closer with a 26.5 – 12 average. This is the result of LSU being really damn good at finding all of that hidden yardage. If Georgia doesn’t punch itself in the face with poor ball control and lackluster special teams play, then LSU had better watch out for its cornhole, bud.

Common opponents comparison

I leave you with this.

And Go Dawgs.

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