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Twitterverse Talk, Slow Ya Rolle

I hope you have had ample time to recover from the WTF Story Of The Week, cause that shit was flawless. It has been a an interesting week after the defense showed up and threw an old fashioned ass whooping last weekend in Florida. Speaking of which, Florida had one first down in the second half. One. And Kwame didn’t even play, could you tell? Me neither. Here are the tweets that put lead in my pencil.

Those two could make Cali an island if they pushed it, your Nemo if they choose.

Inspector G, didn't he play with "Scoop-in-scow?"

This kids hate for Fl is so deep he is ok breaking his leg for the "W"? I love it.



Your joking right? Knew this kid was special since Sakerlina game.

















Now given the latest debacles we have had with our fashion friendly team, you would think that those ideas are cleared in the minds of Bulldawg Nation, that the streak of six wins, and the recent victory over in Jortsville would be enough to calm the sole. But oh hell no, of course not, shit like this shows up on my twitter time line and my head explodes for the


Slow ya rolle tweet uh da weak

Your fucking black Starter Walmart jersey will never match the player’s jeryseys on the field again, deal with it. Richt don’t be confused, just put your bullshit filters on. 



In closing I would like thank the the players who have spiked my interest in the game this weekend, a blow out and playing time for the second and third stringers would have just been too easy- totally not the UGA way. And what is even more sad is that I am nieve enough to think that the rushing game will be fine. If everything goes accordingly, I plan to see freshman (except LeMay and Rome) get some nice playing time, Mason do his thang thang, and I will even provide you with two players to watch: Connor Norman (the other 11) and Arthur Lynch (88). Lynch gets decent playing time as it is, but I see a nice play-action pass to him and at least a pick from Connor Norman. New Mexico State had like 9 interceptions against their last opponent, so that shouldn’t be a stretch right? (Ten minutes later I find their “clubhouse” on ESPN) It was three picks, against Nevada. Is that a city or state? Is Vegas near there? Wait, that can only mean on thing, Wayne Newton? Heck yes, honey where is my fanny pack and sunscreen? We’re heading west!

THIS JUST IN: Nick Marshall Runs Wild on the Aggies!!!

Reporting to you from the future, at exactly 3:43 PM on Saturday November 5, 2011 on site at Sanford Stadium where the scene here was nothing but straight domination.  Nick Marshall rushed for 219 yards and 4 scores today as the Dawgs butt-rape the New Mexico St Aggies 64-7.

Marshall’s performance was quite unexpected, yet much appreciated as UGA’s regular tailbacks were suspended for violating team rules smoking the sticky.  While the entire UGA back field has more than 40 yards a piece (Harton 42, Murray 41, and Ogletree 43) it was Marshall with his 6 carry scoring-machine performance that sent the crowd into a very hyped-up impregnating fiesta frenzy.

Fueled by Marshall’s performance, the Dawgs Defense allowed 0 points, 4 interceptions, 10 tackles for a loss, and all of that was from Jarvis Jones alone.

Going forward, Mike Bobo has a tough choice to make in the coming weeks as to who to start.  While Crowell has been quite the amazing freshman, Marshall has shown not only his ability to tote the rock, but also an ability not to give stupid as shit interviews, breaking team rules, and bitching about play calling.


Truth be told, much to my chagrin, I doubt Marshall will even get the ball or if he even can be a RB.  But, something interesting and quite scary that you all should be thinking about is that Crowell is walking a razor thin line.  Don’t mistake what I’m saying to be throwing this kid under the bus, but here are some glaring issues that could be tale-tale signs of a Washaun Ealey on steroids:

1) Has had discipline issues since pretty much day 1

2) Has been overheard chirping about Bobo’s play calling

3) Has made mention several times about how “difficult” school is

4) Can’t interview worth a damn.

5) This latest suspension

I know he’s young and he’s not probably been exposed to the finer things in etiquette, manners, and proper ways of doing things, but he has to realize that if this keeps up and he continues to put himself above the team he will become an Ealey and will be forgotten.  Especially if Keith Marshall comes here.  Who is Keith Marshall?  The Nation’s no1 RB coming out of highschool right now who is heavily considering UGA.

I just hope that Crowell understands what being a student athlete means and what it is to be a Bulldawg.  I just hope he learns his lesson sooner rather than later when he has to transfer to UT-Martin.

NOTE: When I say ‘Nick Marshall’, I mean Nick Marshall currently on the Dawgs squad.  When I say ‘Keith Marhsall’,  I mean Keith Marshall HS RB from Northkerlina.

Just for shits, Keith Marshall highlights:

-Inspector G


WTF!? Story of the Week…

This little ditty includes a white male, fire bombing, and a Taco Bell….hmmm….sounds fun!

The man, who has not been identified, called the restaurant complaining because his chalupas didn’t have enough meat,WALB Channel 10 in Albany reported.

Arson investigators will now look at phone records to determine the identity of the man who called the Taco Bell early Sunday and threatened to “redecorate” and made racial slurs, according to the report. Later Sunday, someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the drive-through window.

Didn’t have a picture, so I invented this montage:













-Inspector G

Learn How To Celebrate…

I’m sure you’ve heard it by now, but Crowell, Thomas, and Malcome are suspended for violating team rules.  I’m not saying yet that they got caught partying, drinking, sexting, whatever but who knows.

Also, Samuel IV is out for the rest of the season due to an ankle injury.  Great timing fellas….great fucking timing.

At least we’re playing New Mexico State.  And since I am always looking at the bright-side of things, at least we don’t have to worry about them breaking an ankle or destroying a knee in a cupcake fiesta.

You heard it here first, look Saturday for a little Brandon Harton but some 2 back set with Zander Ogletree and Big Figgs.

-Inspector G