Saturday Attire

Paul Westerdawg over at the Georgia Sports Blog had a very fitting tribute to Munson for this Saturday: Wear Black.  I myself will be in black for the Pure Old Fashioned Hate-Fest on Saturday.  You should, too.

Also, and I agree with Paul on this, it would not hurt my feelings if the team came out in black as well.  This will not be fake juice, but an appropriate gesture honoring Larry, his legacy, and his family.  I really would like to see at least a sticker on the helmets or something on the jerseys.

And for all of those idiots who have been commenting ‘Durrrr, you obviously don’t know Munson if you think he’d like us to wear black…durrrrr!’: You sirs, obviously should continue to wear your No. 8 jerseys and earrings to the games.  We sure love having you in our fan base.

Spread the word.

-Inspector G

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