Pre-Season Myths / Current Season Realities

First off, sorry for the lack of posts.  Life happens.

I wanted to visit a couple of the pre-season outlooks that the Bulldawg Nation (and the Sports Nation in general) had for the team this year and compare them to what we’re experiencing now.

Myth No 1: UGA’s Passing Attack will be mediocre without AJ Green.

Reality: Yes, he was the most dominant player at his position in the Nation (and what a hell of a rookie season he’s having as well), but the passing attack has been spread around between TK and 3 other stellar Freshmen (Conley, Bennett, and Mitchell) which in my opinion makes it more lethal.  This can be seen through Murray’s stats: 2284 yards / 27 TDs / 8 INT.


Myth No 2:  Strength and conditioning changes were not good enough.

Reality:  Last scoring drive against Auburn last week.  All runs, getting 8 yards a clip.  Defense then holds all game.  You tell me…


Myth No 3: Fire Mike Bobo

Reality: Murray breaks single season TD passing record (passing UGA awesomeness Guru and Uber Hetero-Sexual Heart-throb Matthew Stafford). We will have a 1,000 yard rusher (Crowell, barring injury) by the end of the season.  Crowell is the 3rd leading rusher in the SEC, behind only Trent Richardson and Michael Dyer.  Murray leads in TDs and efficiency in the Conference.  Really?   I blame Bobo for all of this awfulness.


Myth No 4: Fire Richt

Reality: Not a Goddamned one of you who called for his head better be cheering or savoring a visit to the SEC Championship Game (if we get there, but we should) or in some strange twist of fate we win the SEC CG, not a peep.  Just update your facebook status with “Fire Richt”.


That is all.

-Inspector G

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