A Note From The Inspector

As I write this note, I am departing not for Jacksonville for the Cocktail Party, but for New Orleans for one of my good friend’s bachelor party.  I know, I know, I know…I even received a call from another friend of mine who offered up a free ticket to the game.  To make matters even worse, I may be the only real UGA fan that is going on this trip.  One or two may be a supporter of UGA Athletics, but none match yours truly.

As a result, I’m sure I’ll get some sort of blowback when I advise them I will be MIA while watching the game from 3:30 to 6:30 tomorrow afternoon.  Truth be told, I’ve become so accustomed to (much to my chagrin) losing this one, that although I may have hope, I can’t be confident or too excited about this game.

I was at home writing my “Keyes to the game” and I just deleted it.  Not because it wasn’t funny or good, but because I’m just so tired of losing to Florida that I can’t bring myself to post something funny about the keys to the game.

Here are the keys to the game as simple and as honest as I can put it:  Execute, hit them in the mouth, repeat.  That’s a recipe for success in this game, period.  Be man enough to win Georgia!

This sums up my feelings if we are man enough to win tomorrow: “I don’t know where I’ll be then, Rock”, he said – “but I’ll know about it – and I’ll be happy.” (from ‘Win One for the Gipper’)

NOTE:   I’m not predicting a win for us until we actually do win, regardless of what we ‘should’ do.

-Inspector G

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