You Wanted Emotion, You Got It So Stop Bitching…

I have to agree with Tyler Dawgden over at the Georgia Sports Blog, but I’ll add a couple of more caveats.

1) All I ever hear from armchair Quarterbacks and other ‘UGA Fans’ is this exact statement, ‘With Richt all we get is plain Jane shit.  No emotion.  No fire.  Just Christianity and mediocrity.”  I don’t know what this whole ’emotion’ thing comes from, but Grantham provides that.  We all want something from this team: WINS.   What have we been getting, albeit not pretty: WINS.

I want it to be clear that we need to clean up some things on the team (but I really feel that most of it is just the youth of this team) for us to be lumped in the same category as Alabama and LSU, but I do see us moving in the right direction.  But UGA fans who put blame and shame on Grantham from this incident need to go jump on any other team’s band wagon and go tell the world that life has made them a dripping wet pathetic vagina.  If anything, you should start holding Grantham in a little warm place in your heart and start defending him just like he did for his own players.  I may be a homer, but I’m also honest.  This team and program needs Coaches like Grantham.  Someone who is edgy, loud, excited, and extreme.

2)  If you think, just because of a trap game performance, that our defense has suddenly ‘dropped-the-ball’ and ‘almost cost us the game’ think again.  They might have not played lights out every play, but for the amount of injuries they’ve had lately, plus the amount of Freshman playing, and Washington being out they have done pretty well.  Don’t forget that one of those scores was a kickoff return.

3) Wait until we play Florida and then make a call on how this team has performed.  I think sometimes we as fans forget that all this will be played out on the field.  We have to play them, so let’s make that assessment once it happens.

P.S.  If you’re looking for someone to put some blame on or call out, go tell James Franklin to shut the fuck up.

-Inspector G

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