Just to Clarify…

I’m not saying the Tennessee Volunteers are world-beaters.  But Captain and I kept hearing and seeing how “awesome” UT was and how “Bray was going to shred” our defense.  It almost made me wanna say: Well hell, why do we even have to play?  Just take the loss and save our strength.

Good thing pundits are wrong.  Good thing even my fellow UGA bloggers are sometimes fair-weather pessimistic fans.  It’s ok fellas.  Maybe I’m just that big of a homer where (within reason) I look at the numbers, the match-up, and the intangibles for each game and feel that we should win, especially against UT and especially given our defense’s new rhythm.

I’m not completely drunk on the Kool-Aid yet, but this is definitely an improvement.

NOTE: If you didn’t already know this, Captain and I hate Tennessee more than any other rivalry we have.  There is a million reasons why, but it has a lot to do with getting a bag of Lays K.C. Masterpiece (TM) dumped on me by their fans on my way out of Neyland 4 years ago.  I know a lot of UT fans who are awesome, salt of the earth.  But, as a whole, their fan-base represents the most diabolical collection of dirty-red, classless, clueless, and rude people I have ever bore witness to.  East Tennessee is aesthetically beautiful, but a large portion of the people there should be sterilized, period. Trust me, I’ve lived there.

-Inspector G

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