Vaught-Hemingway Stadium/Ole Miss Review…

No, this is really not going to be a review of the game, but a review of the fan experience in Oxford.  I mean you all saw the game, right?  You saw us compile 475 yards of total offense and only score 27 points.  Our defense was lights out and the offense is one cylinder away from being really a high powered one.

If you stand under the stairs just right....

Onto the Review:

Traffic/Traffic Control:  F –

One cop on the entire exit.  Took us nearly 35 minutes to go 500 ft to the parking lot. And if it wasn’t for a UGA fan letting us in, it would’ve taken longer.  If I was a donor there, this issue would be addressed ASAP.

Parking: A

The parking lot we picked was close to the stadium, easy to get to (once we got off the exit), affordable (15.00), and had lots of portapottys.

Tailgating: A+

Does it get better than The Grove?  I don’t think so.  If you’ve never been there, you owe it to yourself to go before you die.  Ole Miss fans do it right and have the best tailgating in the world, BAR NONE.

Talent: Whats better than A++++++?  Whatever that is.

This is the most diabolical collection of dime pieces in one place that the world have ever seen.  It was spiritual.

Distance to Stadium (from tailgate): A

300 yards maybe?  SWEET

Fans: A+

The most kindhearted and genuine people (as a fan base) you’ll ever meet.  Warm, talkative, and welcoming: these people are the epitome of Southern Hospitality and Class.  Georgia fans take note.

Stadium Crowd Control/Entrance: F-

The worst and I mean WORST line I’ve ever had to wait in (even worse than Neyland and that’s saying something).  The entrance gate was too narrow and only had 2 ticket takers and no line structure or control.  It was awful.  Almost a 20 minute wait in a 50 yard long line (and it grew).  We thought we would actually miss the kickoff.  It really made you appreciate Sanford and all the UGA fans were saying so.

Stadium Atmosphere: B+

Can’t give an A to a place that seats only 60,580 (although official attendance was only 58,000) and has a fan base that are not rivals with us.  It was nice, but not spectacular.  We traveled well.   VERY well.  I thought about 25% (or more) in the stadium were UGA fans.

Concessions: F- – – (that’s 3 minuses)

Last time we were there, I would have rated it a B, but before halftime they were out of everything save Coca cola and water.  That was it.  Uber fail.

Bathrooms: F -x10

The bathroom in our section went ‘out’ midway through the first quarter and we had to walk to the other side of damn-nation to relieve ourselves.  It is inexcusable to have a bathroom fail and even worse when you can’t fix it.  Also the amount of bathrooms is unacceptable given the amount of people that stadium sits.  There has to be a line ALWAYS.

Stadium Music: B+

Apparently the Ole Miss Stadium Music Guy read HTT last week because this is what played during opening kickoff: P Diddy’s ‘Come With Me’ and then then came the Black Keys, ACDC, and LMFAO.  BUT, they also played that Zombie Nation OOOoooOOOoooOOO bullshit.  They’re fans don’t like it either…and it shows.

Field Appearance/Play: B –

Field looked great (but it is field turf), but way too many slips given that is was field turf.

Traffic control on exiting: F – –

Again, poorly executed, not enough cops, waited in the parking lot way too long in a stale mate.


Ole Miss needs to say ‘thank you’ to their fans, the grove, and the talent because if that’s not there, this overall is definitely a ‘C-‘.  Crowd control, traffic, and bathrooms are of utmost importance and you screwed those up royaly.

Thanks for the good time Oxford and The University of Mississippi.

-Inspector G

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