Things I Don’t Wanna See Today

Well, for the life of me, I can’t convince myself that we’re gonna win.  I know we can.  I know we have the tools, talent, coaching, conditioning, and will enough to win.  However, until we show that pre 2006 nastiness and finishing ability, I don’t think I can (even with my blatant homerism) automatically put a ‘W’ in the column.  Everyone here knows what we all WANT to see, but specifically I don’t wanna see this:

Any South Carolina colors wearing faggot and his methed out muffin-top date, who paid way-too-much on stubhub, cheering in my face if the worst happens.  I want all red and black around me.  I’ll talk shit going out the door and get satisfaction by saying, “Stephen Garcia’s mother can go fuck herself” win lose or draw.

Maybe I should’ve changed the title to ‘Thing’ I don’t wanna see today…

We are tailgating on East Campus, come by and partake in the fiesta.

Please, comment away…

-Inspector G

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