On a serious note…

I could go on another blowhard power diatribe about the election results today, but I will keep it short and sweet.

I am proud to be an American today. What a great day for free-thinkers, freedom lovers, and patriots alike.

The nation has finally figured out:
1) The Government doesn’t provide jobs, they provide the security for a market place where producers and entrepreneurs can creat commerce.

2) Spending ourselves into oblivion is not the best way to “improve” the economy. Maybe cutting spending is a more sensible solution.

3) Realized this President is a bumbling idiot socialist sycophant who has never had real world experience and shows it every time he opens his mouth.

4) The large gain by Republicans is a complete and deliberate message to and reflection of our fucktard President.

Sit back and relax tonight Dawgs fans, sometimes there are more important things than Football.

-Inspector G

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