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Blinded by Rainbows…

As much as it hurts me to write this, you were right. I am too much of a fanatic to see the writing on the wall. I am too much into the kool-aid to ever have a shred of realistic views when it comes to this team.

For too long I have blindly followed, no matter what the outcome; self-rationalizing every set back with a “well, look at the circumstances” excuse. My football sanctum was one that I cherished. Cherished apparently too much because now I am on my fourth week in a row of devastation. I’m not so sure I can handle it much longer.

To be honest, I’m thinking of giving away my tickets next week for anyone who wants them because deep down inside, I’m not sure if I can take another heartbeaking loss.

I can’t even fathom the root cause of our problems or where to go from here, nor do I even want to.

-Inspector G

*addendum: I’ll be unplugged for a while.  Don’t expect too many, if any posts from me about the dawgs for a while.  Nor will I be on facebook, Georgia Beat, or Get the Picture.  I can’t handle it.  If you need me, I’ll be slamming Beam and playing my guitar.

…How I Feel…Part 2 of 2

So here we are, on the verge of another potential debacle of epic proportions.  Here we are in the face of adversity, thousands of miles from anything that looks “Georgia”.  I’m scared.  No, seriously.  This game scares me because if we win then it’s, “Well, we should’ve won, that doesn’t mean anything.” and if we lose the sky, literally,  has fallen.

Here we go:

Coaches: I don’t know if personalities are clashing, some reports say they are, especially on the offensive side.  But anytime you lose like this, things are not “hunky dory” down on the farm.  But ultimately the buck stops with Richt.  If you get paid multi-millions per year, you are responsible for every part of the program win, lose, or draw.  It IS his responsibility to make sure that he hires, manages, and supports his coaches.  Leadership needs to come from him.  If he hasn’t already, he needs to get in some folk’s faces.  I would say something else, but alas, I am updating this before I start work.  This cohesion problem will not fix itself.  He has to fix it. 

Play calling:  It’s easy to second guess Bobo when we lose.  It’s as equally as easy to cheer him when we win.  But I think the SEC’s returning  “most efficient” play caller deserves at least a couple games with AJ Green to see what he can do.  Look folks, I’m not agreeing with his play calling all of the time, especially when it is 2nd and long and we are running Carlton Thomas up the middle, but look at it this way: If I would’ve have told you UGA would have been 11 of 12 in the Conference in rushing before the season started, what would you have said?  I would have said 1-3.  Our o line’s ineptness and running backs have been so pedestrian, I swear I’m watching a bad Miramax film.

When you plan all offseason, all camp for a run dominated, play-action passing attack WITH Aj Green and what you get is a pass dominated offense with protection problems where the team’s leading rusher fumbles twice on the goal line, things are VASTLY INSANELY different.  Not that that is an excuse as to why we continue to run that scheme, but an explanation as to what is going on.

Fix this by letting Murray do what he does.  I featured this approach during my “Keys to the Game” last week against MSU.  Did it happen?  No.  Was I right, ALWAYS! *Wink*  And I hate to say it, but it is time to go to a spread-style passing attack, utilizing our receiving weapons, slip screens, slants, deep outs, draws, quick options, option gives, etc.  We are apparently are not going to be a power running team like we have been for several years, so it is time to adapt.  If Bobo continues to ignore this and does not adapt, we will continue to lose and he will have probably cost himself his job, but let me be clear.  As of now I AM NOT ON THE ‘FIRE BOB’ WAGON.

Execution:  Bottom line, players need to step up, execute, buy in to what the coaches are doing, and have some one LEAD.  Like Richt told them earlier int he week, “This will not stay the same.  Either you it will get better, or it will get worse.”  A large part of what route we go on today comes from the players. 

Perception: The only way our perception improves is if we come out, smack the Buffs right in the mouth, hold them without a touchdown and hang 35 in the first half. And if that happens, Richt doesn’t need to let off of the gas until we have hung 50+.  That will at least boost morale and give the coaches and players some much needed relief from this slump.

There is no panacea for a 1-3 start.  This is no ‘miracle’ season on the horizon, but this is Georgia.  If I hear one more time, “you know, I really don’t see what these kids have to play for”  who knows what I’ll do. I don’t know what my evil side can manifest, but the world might get a pretty good glimpse.

At this point, we have nothing left to lose.  It is time to let it all hang out and see how we respond.  It couldn’t get much worse at this point, unless that is we send Carlton Thomas up the middle on second and long with the game on the line… 

In summation, let it all “air” out.  Go nuts.  Hit somebody.  Coaches, adapt to what you’ve been dealt. 

Go Dawgs!

Fleeting Thought: If Bobo’s playcalling is so bad, why hasn’t Shockley, Stafford, or Cox ever opened up and said as much?  They could’ve.  Maybe it was to help the program and not throw them under the bus…but if I’m worth 72 million (and I’m talking about Stafford here), I wouldn’t care all that much if he wasn’t good.  Also, why did Detroit Lions’ head coach Jim Schwartz say that Stafford was one of the most prepared QB rookies he has ever seen???  I’m not defending, criticising, etc, just some food for thought.

Go Dawgs!

-Inspector G

Inspector’s Go-Go Fantasy Football C-C-C-Combo Brrrreakerrr

Welcome to week 4 of the Fantasy Football…week 3 showed us a couple of things: Cutler is lucky, Eli Manning is either hit big or miss even bigger…

Without further adieu:

Start ’em: P. Manning, A. Rodgers, M. Schaub, D. Brees, P. Rivers, T. Brady

Borderline: M. Vick (I know, but he’s played 2 cupcakes…), D. Mcnabb, M. Ryan

Ride the Pine: J. Flacco….and keep him there. If you have this guy as your starting QB 1 option, you are as convoluted as Obama’s reasoning skills. This goes for Shaun Hill too, who refuses to throw it to Calvin Johnson, which makes me very angry.

Start ’em: C. Benson, C. Johnson, M. Jones-Drew, M. Turner

Borderline: M. Forte…for whatever reason, they don’t want to run the ball there, but he is still lethal out of the backfield as a passing option so there is upside.
R. Mendenhall…maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s his play making abilities but I see a sub-par performance this week to which I have nothing more than a gut feeling and 3 trips to the men’s room as my “hunch”.

Ride the Pine: S. Greene…what a bust. Yes, he is on my roster…no, no one wants to trade, not even for Lee evans.

Pick him up: J Forsett…he looks to become the Seahawks emerging RB and since they play St Louis, maybe there is a monster day for him.
J. Kuhn…Yep, the Packers have a white, full-back type who just might get every goal line carry on Saturday. Enough said.

Start ’em: B. Marshall, D. Jackson, A. Johnson, R. White, R. Wayne, R. Moss, L. Fitzgerald / A. Gates, D. Clark, T. Gonzalez.

Borderline: H. Nicks…probably the best deep threat the Giants have continues to be wasted by Eli ‘I Couldn’t throw a Prom’ Manning. Who knows, but I am starting him because at some point, Eli has to hit him in stride…right?
Calvin Johnson…start at your own risk. Watch me say this and not start him and Shaun Hill finally gets the point: that this kid is a beast. You can Bet Matthew Stafford knows this…Matt’s so dreamy…

Ride The Pine: Steve Smith (Car)…they bad. Real Bad. Really bad. Really really bad. Lovin’ me some Jimmy Jimmy Clausen right now…

Pick Him Up: Some folks call me crazy, some folks call me Inspector G, either way Brandon Lloyd of Denver continues to impress. He had a monster game last week (and unlike Lance Moore of the Saints) and the Broncs aren’t exactly loaded at WR. Rumor has it that him and Orton share more than just fishing rods and footballs…but, it is just a rumor.

Good luck.

Inspector G’s Results for His Own Fantasy Leagues

1) BIG PAY League 2-1 (tied for first)

2) El Pequeno Dinero League 1-2 (Thanks Matt Forte) but on an 11ty billion way tie for 2nd.

3) No pay, no pay attention to league, although I have good players 0-3…time for some work…

Good luck, God’s Speed, Go Meat!

-Inspector G

Musica, Musica, Musica!!!

We have yet to have a music post…problem solved:

Inspector G’s Seeweeuss Seal of Approval

Top 5, semi-new releases:

1) Boys of Fall, Kenny ” I Heart Denny” Chesney (not really new, but hey, it is football season)

2) Califonia Gurls, Katie “Oh My Lawds, Corn Fed” Perry (I’m not scared of my lesbian side…)

3) Cryin’ Like a Bitch, Godsmack (yes, if you know my roomates, you know this is their ringtone)

4) Walk Away, Five ‘Used to Be Ten” Finger Death Punch (could do much, much worse)

5) Way Out Here, Josh “Four Wheel Drive” Thompson (I’m from GEORGIA, Where are You from?)

DEEEEEEEEP CUTZZZZZ (bands that I am listening to everyday, no particular songs):

NOTE: If I put this here, you should take notice and listen.  This is not a joke and these bands will set you free-er than Zac Brown ever thought about being…musically speaking.

1) Black Keys

2) Junior Kimbrough

3) Eric Church

4)White Stripes

5) Racontuers

Captain’s Mix (songs found on his Ipod on his bedside table, next to the Men’s Fitness mags…):

1) Mistake No 3,  Boy George

2) Jitter Bug, Wham

3) Philidelphia Freedon, Elton John

4) Suffragette City, David Bowie

5) Alejandro, Lady Gaga

Go support these artists with your hard-earned money!!!!!!!

Video of the day:  ‘Way Out Here” – Josh Thompson…hit it baby!

And who gets the photo…..drumroll….the fellas have it:

Katy Perry-DGG-025848.jpg

Yay, whip Cream!

Video of the Day:

-Inspector G

Alright you bastards, now you know how I feel…Part 1 of 2

  “It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you’re not a winner.” – Vince Lombardi

What better way to begin a post about the direction of our program?  Richt hasn’t been here before and in my adult years (which is pretty much Richt’s tenure), neither have I. 

 I have a couple of points to present here, but before I get on with that, I want to make a statement about our fan base pitchfork wielding, retarded  asinine portion or our fan base.  To all of those calling for “heads to roll” and “fire everyone, including Aaron Murray!” you can go to hell.  I don’t have the power to send you there, but I have encountered your kind many times in my travels.  You all have a certain smell about you, wear backwards hats, have earrings, post rambling senseless diatribes on the AJC (ya’ll are the only ones who read that garbage anyway), and more than once have been at the receiving end of my fists (to great success I might add).  You are the bane of the my existence and honestly, I hope you are all sterile.  Bringing another meth smoking, trailer park wonder into the world should be outlawed. 

 So, now on to the real fan’s perspective:

 I see it out there.  The long faces, the nervous feeling in your gut, the thought of quicksand.  I feel it, too.  This part one of two will focus on what I believe our shortcomings are.  Post two will be about how to fix them.

 If football were a simplified equation, it might look like this: Coaches + Players x execution= Success.  So my post will follow this format…

 Coaches: Wow, the hottest topic of them all.  Are we to believe that this bunch of former Collegiate players really are so inept, that our team is 0-3 in our Conference because of their inability to call short passes over deep outs? Or cover 2 over man?  Or a flex blocking scheme over big on big?  I think not, but they sure haven’t been helping their case. 

 Being a former collegiate player myself, coaching means much more than most fans think.  Most coaching staffs have a synergy about them.  Having coaches filling different roles (beyond X’s and O’s).  Some are fiery some are calm.  Some are player’s coaches and some are reserved.  From what I can tell (or what I see on the field) the coaches do not have this cohesion yet.  I don’t know why, but I’ll bet it has to do with all of the changes, the media absolutely crucifying them, and us, the fans.  

Either way, at least on the surface, it is safe to say they aren’t all hitting on the cylinders.  I’m sure you can see it and an in depth look in to player and fellow coach’s quotes, you can read between the lines.

 Also, there is a confidence problem.  The players are not buying in, or so it seems, into the offense or the defense.  However, losing as many offensive leaders last year (including the Ginger Ninja) and not having Green in the lineup makes a huge difference, especially to the younger players.  Who has been outstanding on offense: Chris Durham. Confidence.  Tavarres King.  Confidence.   Not that I’m excusing the performance, but as a former player, I have experienced this happen, a year later, we were in the playoffs.

Players:  We, for the second year in a row, do not have a plethora of leaders, especially on defense.  We are young there, but still…no Curran’s, Pollack’s, or Allen’s.  We definitely do not have players who lead by example.  Besides Daryl Gamble, I have not seen a single player on Defense have a complete game yet (yes, that includes Justin Houston).  Inconsistency has lead to our early and late brain farts mental breakdowns, thus costing us chances to climb back into the game.

On offense, we are getting one of the best leaders back in the line-up.  I know, Green may not be a vocal leader, but I’ve seen him, by his play alone save 2 games for us single handedly (SEE: Arkansas, Arizona State 2009). His play inspires people, inspires players, inspires coaches.

One additional offensive note: Aaron Murray may be the most impressive Frosh I’ve ever seen in a UGA uniform.  I know David Greene was good, but his supporting cast was much better (especially his O line).  Murray is getting it done and on a personal note, is slowly but surely becoming Man-Crush material.

Perception:  Confidence is down, winning is down, big plays are down (unless you are our opponent), coaching synergy is down, fan enthusiasm is down, media love (except ESPN, they hate us and I am serious), we are seriously in the NCAA football BCS basement.  Don’t think for a second our players don’t read these things, here these pundits busting their chops, and here these “fringe fans” talk about how terrible they are.  Now compound that with the 1-3 record…wow.

Execution: I went through this week and reviewed every game we have played (every play, minus La-La).  Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about 4 plays away from being 4-0.  “Inspector, have you lost your freaking mind?” Well, no.  Execution has been our worst enemy.  On almost every pivotal play of significance, we have either had a) a fumble, b) a penalty, or c) a coverage breakdown.  That’s not a sign of the coaches not coaching, but of the players not playing…just a FYI

In summation: Our major problems are: Coaching Synergy, Confidence, Perception issues, execution, some bad luck.

Yes, overly simplified, I know.  Yes, I am capable of going further in depth and writing a breakdown worthy of a “Doctorate Dissertation” but Football needs to be simplified, not more complex.

Tune in for my Part 2 on what I think will fix or ‘could’ fix these…

 -Inspector  G

The Gambler, week 5

Hail To Thee brings you week 5’s notable lines courtesy of The Original Silverback (™), Kenny Rogers.


This one could make us look bad in a hurry if the Ole Miss defense shits itself like it did last Saturday when it gave up 38 points at home to Fresno State. This is amplified if laptop liftin’ Masoli continues his trend as an interception machine.

(8) OKLAHOMA -3.5 VS. (21) TEXAS
Texas was caught looking ahead to the Red River Shootout and bent over and took it hard from the most beautiful man in the world, Lord Neuheisel, last weekend. Big Game Bob nearly blew it on the road against an over-matched Cincy team. It’s hard to gauge these two teams thus far so honestly neither pick is a good choice and this game will somehow end up in a push even with a 3.5pt line. However, you can bet that Bob Stoops and Mack Brown have been gettin’ up in them guts in practice all week.

Mack Brown lost to THIS guy

If this line had appeared several years ago we would have taken out a business startup loan and dropped the whole shebang on this spread. My how the college football landscape has changed. Jim Harbaugh has his Stanford team in the top 10 and they have a legitimate shot at making it to the Rose Bowl if they show up each week. We don’t expect Andrew Luck to toss INTs like ASU’s Threet but Oregon handles business at home.

(7) FLORIDA +8 @ (1) ALABAMA
Gator rushing leader Demps missing practice all week (so far) because of das boot doesn’t bode well for Florida’s offense in this one. However, Trey Burton’s emergence may alleviate any worries. Matching up against Saban and Smart’s mad scientist defensive schemes, however, may not be very fruitful for Burton. On the flip side, Florida looks to deploy a “heavy package” in a futile attempt to stop Ingram and Richardson at the line. This is just a fancy name for a 5-2 scheme that will leave one unlucky Florida corner out there on an island with Alabama’s 6-foot-4 #8. This one is likely to be very close because of the even talent and athleticism, but a couple mistakes can completely skew the score. Chris Rainey has been texting Greg McElroy all week trying to rattle him.


“They are who we thought they were.” Virginia put a scare into Lane Kiffin’s Fighting Surfers a few weeks back, but then again, so did Minnesota and look where they are right now. We think 2010 Virginia is the same ole Virginia of yesteryear so FSU should have no problem dispatching the Cavaliers much like they did to Wake Forest last week in an impressive game for the Seminole defense.

We’re honestly not sure what Vegas is thinking on this one. Vandy was screwed out of a win against 4-0 Northwestern and pulled a huge road upset on Ole Miss in a game where their offense seemed to actually have a pulse. UCONN was nearly doubled-up by Temple. Yes, the same Temple that was booted from the Big East in 2004. If you’re forced out of that conference for any reason at all, just quit. At the game and at life. We think Vandy covers and wins straight-up.

We don’t give two shits for either of these teams, especially that has-been Notre Dame but we agree with Vegas that the Irish pull out a much needed win for Brian Kelly. Will Notre Dame ever be dominant again?

“JUMP ON IT” Line of the Week

In no way, shape or form would we select Washington +10 in this game with Lane Kiffin going for two after each TD. USC is likely to put up 100+ total points on the two Washington patsies in consecutive weeks. At this point, the Sark is in over his head with the rebuilding Huskies and has a lot of work to do before fielding a legit team.

Georgia -4.5 @ Colorado missed the cut. We don’t want to jinx anything and we are in hiding after last week’s debacle.