Southerner Visits L.A.; Saves 2 Horses, Rides 2 Cowboys…

Los Angeles:

We here at HTT got word of this heartwarming story featuring a strapping and consenting young man who not only loves the dawgs, but loves the dudes.  The name of this individual cannot be revealed due to copyright laws, but he is from Georgia and will refer to him here as ” Burrow Bracket”.

Burrow always knew he was different.  “Yeah, I always knew I was different.”, Burrow said in a recent interview with us here at HTT.  “I was always taking the roads less traveled. From one-on-one leg wrestling matches with my best friend Davis, to braiding hair with all of the girls at recess.  I always knew I was living the alternative lifestyle.”, he said.

However, living this lifestyle in the state of Georgia was tough for him.  After several felching sessions gone awry and a few break-up’s gone bad, Burrows decided to move to L.A.  “I got into the City, got on my knees, and thanked my luckiest of stars.” 

Burrow now lives in a 203 sq ft loft in West Hollywood 3 blocks from Petey’s Paulinto Palace (a world renowned hang out for bears and power bottoms alike). He currently is employed as an extra with hopes in becoming an A-List actress. “I have the chops, the passion, and the fierceness to make this a career.  I can go high, low, horizontal, behind, in front, side to side, and bare back.  Wait, are we still talking about acting or something else?  Haha!” He wanted us to add a winking smiley face, but our editors advised that would not be possible despite our best efforts.

Burrow has been seen in such ground breaking shorts such as “The Girls Never Came.”, “Backdoor Man”, and “Summer Solstice: The Anderson Cooper Story.” 

From persecution and mishaps in Georgia to a blossoming career in West Hollywood, Burrows is a point in case of following the American Dream. 

When asked to give a shout out to his beloved bulldawgs he stated, “Go Doggies!”

Go doggies, indeed.

-Inspector G

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