…How I Feel…Part 2 of 2

So here we are, on the verge of another potential debacle of epic proportions.  Here we are in the face of adversity, thousands of miles from anything that looks “Georgia”.  I’m scared.  No, seriously.  This game scares me because if we win then it’s, “Well, we should’ve won, that doesn’t mean anything.” and if we lose the sky, literally,  has fallen.

Here we go:

Coaches: I don’t know if personalities are clashing, some reports say they are, especially on the offensive side.  But anytime you lose like this, things are not “hunky dory” down on the farm.  But ultimately the buck stops with Richt.  If you get paid multi-millions per year, you are responsible for every part of the program win, lose, or draw.  It IS his responsibility to make sure that he hires, manages, and supports his coaches.  Leadership needs to come from him.  If he hasn’t already, he needs to get in some folk’s faces.  I would say something else, but alas, I am updating this before I start work.  This cohesion problem will not fix itself.  He has to fix it. 

Play calling:  It’s easy to second guess Bobo when we lose.  It’s as equally as easy to cheer him when we win.  But I think the SEC’s returning  “most efficient” play caller deserves at least a couple games with AJ Green to see what he can do.  Look folks, I’m not agreeing with his play calling all of the time, especially when it is 2nd and long and we are running Carlton Thomas up the middle, but look at it this way: If I would’ve have told you UGA would have been 11 of 12 in the Conference in rushing before the season started, what would you have said?  I would have said 1-3.  Our o line’s ineptness and running backs have been so pedestrian, I swear I’m watching a bad Miramax film.

When you plan all offseason, all camp for a run dominated, play-action passing attack WITH Aj Green and what you get is a pass dominated offense with protection problems where the team’s leading rusher fumbles twice on the goal line, things are VASTLY INSANELY different.  Not that that is an excuse as to why we continue to run that scheme, but an explanation as to what is going on.

Fix this by letting Murray do what he does.  I featured this approach during my “Keys to the Game” last week against MSU.  Did it happen?  No.  Was I right, ALWAYS! *Wink*  And I hate to say it, but it is time to go to a spread-style passing attack, utilizing our receiving weapons, slip screens, slants, deep outs, draws, quick options, option gives, etc.  We are apparently are not going to be a power running team like we have been for several years, so it is time to adapt.  If Bobo continues to ignore this and does not adapt, we will continue to lose and he will have probably cost himself his job, but let me be clear.  As of now I AM NOT ON THE ‘FIRE BOB’ WAGON.

Execution:  Bottom line, players need to step up, execute, buy in to what the coaches are doing, and have some one LEAD.  Like Richt told them earlier int he week, “This will not stay the same.  Either you it will get better, or it will get worse.”  A large part of what route we go on today comes from the players. 

Perception: The only way our perception improves is if we come out, smack the Buffs right in the mouth, hold them without a touchdown and hang 35 in the first half. And if that happens, Richt doesn’t need to let off of the gas until we have hung 50+.  That will at least boost morale and give the coaches and players some much needed relief from this slump.

There is no panacea for a 1-3 start.  This is no ‘miracle’ season on the horizon, but this is Georgia.  If I hear one more time, “you know, I really don’t see what these kids have to play for”  who knows what I’ll do. I don’t know what my evil side can manifest, but the world might get a pretty good glimpse.

At this point, we have nothing left to lose.  It is time to let it all hang out and see how we respond.  It couldn’t get much worse at this point, unless that is we send Carlton Thomas up the middle on second and long with the game on the line… 

In summation, let it all “air” out.  Go nuts.  Hit somebody.  Coaches, adapt to what you’ve been dealt. 

Go Dawgs!

Fleeting Thought: If Bobo’s playcalling is so bad, why hasn’t Shockley, Stafford, or Cox ever opened up and said as much?  They could’ve.  Maybe it was to help the program and not throw them under the bus…but if I’m worth 72 million (and I’m talking about Stafford here), I wouldn’t care all that much if he wasn’t good.  Also, why did Detroit Lions’ head coach Jim Schwartz say that Stafford was one of the most prepared QB rookies he has ever seen???  I’m not defending, criticising, etc, just some food for thought.

Go Dawgs!

-Inspector G

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