Thursday Dawg Bits

Georgia adds Charleston Southern and Georgia Southern to the 2014 and 2016 football schedules, respectively. Greg McGarity wants one FCS foe each season.

Bobby Bowden speaks at the Touchdown Club of Georgia on Tuesday and advises CMR to “stay the course”.

“I’ve been through the same thing, and if you stay in the game long enough you are going to go through it one time or the other,” Bowden said. “And of course it really tests ya, it really tests ya. But it’s the nature of the game. The game is that way — if you win they love you, if you don’t win they don’t love you. It’s as simple as that. Your loyal people will stay behind you, but the everyday fan … they want to win. That’s the way it happened down here [at Florida State]. I wasn’t winning enough games to suit these people, you know? But anyway, Mark’s a little different situation because he is younger and he’s been so successful there.”

During that same meeting, Richt warns players that “it could get worse”.

“We’re going to have to get better or it’s gonna get worse. It’s not going to stay the same. I told the players, you think it’s bad now; it could get worse.”

But no matter what, Richt said, “we’re not gonna lose our poise, we’re not gonna lose our integrity. We don’t want to take our frustrations out on anyone, except maybe Colorado. … We just have to keep working hard and keep together. We must stay together.”

Not related to Georgia football, but awesome nonetheless… Jax Jaguars WR Kassim Osgood gets pistol-whipped during a gun fight between a cheerleader and her intruding/stalking ex-boyfriend. My favorite part quoted below:

Osgood, 30, reportedly leaped out a second-floor window to get away from the armed man late Monday.

The gun-wielding intruder exchanged fire with the woman after putting a gun to her head, saying, “What did that football player say to his girlfriend, it’s a good day to die,” misquoting ex-Florida Gators player Chris Rainey’s text message to a former girlfriend after an arrest, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

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