Keys to the Game: Georgia Offense vs. Miss St Defense

As I’m sure you have heard by now: we are getting tired of Aaron Murray.  According to many of you, this kid is the second coming of Corey Phillips, but with slightly worse decision making abilities.  In fact, if I had to choose a QB to start for UGA he would have these stats:

605 total passing yards, a 62.2 completion percentage, 4 TD’s to 2 INT, a passer rating of 143.27, with 2 additional TDs on the ground.  In short, fourth best in passing in the SEC….

Oh wait….THAT IS AARON MURRAY.  This kid is a stud, our present, our past, and certainly our future.  This is the “big play guy” we’ve waited for at QB.  And if you don’t think he should start at QB, well we think you should go play in traffic. Which brings to my first bullet point:

Let him loose! Aaron Murray has grown up before our eyes and has become our biggest weapon and poses the biggest threat to MSU’s defense.  His intangibles matched with his arm strength (as long as he is protected…see bullet point no 2) should wreak havoc on MSU’s secondary, which for lack of a better word, is less than stellar.   Murray is ready to hold the reigns and if Bobo allows him to, this might be the coming out party for Murray.  I hope he sent me an invitation…

Protect the kid! The OL has been a sore subject for many fans, pundits, and even our own coaches.  Why can’t they become one unit, one dominating baby eating, soul splitting unit?  Answer: I don’t know.  Obviously talent is there.  Maybe it is an attitude laden ‘better than you’ party that has manifested itself into a bunch of question marks and excuses…maybe.  Or maybe they just don’t have their shit together yet.  Well news flash: time to get your shit together.  Hopefully the sting of defeat, vocal doubt, and fan angst will light the “proverbial” fire under there asses to perform at the highest level.  Or, literally Searels needs to gather some kindling, some lighter fluid and actually light a fire under their asses.  I look for a much improved performance on Saturday.  If not, we are in for a long day and so is Murray.  On another note, if I see Ealey employ his half-ass, patented “drop to the knees, maybe he’ll trip” blocking scheme this week, BMac should bench him indefinitely.  King being back in the line up should help as well.  He is one of the better blocking TB’s we have had in a while.

Involve the tight ends! If you told me that three games in that our tight ends would have had such a non-impact on our offense, I would have told you that you were crazier than Monte Kiffin’s birth control methods.  In fact, we have such pathetic total receptions from our tight ends, I don’t even want to mention it BUT IT RHYMES WITH 5 (and f-ing pathetic).  A. White and Charles are two of the better tight ends in the nation, period.  Find a way to use them, especially if Manny Diaz (MSU D Coordinator, and a good one at that) decides to cover them with a steady dose of LBs.   Look to Charles spreading out in the slot, he’s plenty athletic enough to make an impact there.

Get Branden Smith his touches!  Who loves listening to TI, is arguably the fastest player in the SEC, and just came back from injury?  Yep, Branden Smith.  Split end, TB, Wild Dawg, doesn’t matter.  All it takes is one mistake, one over pursuing end or linebacker, and it’s all over but watching No 1’s backside trek into the endzone.  10-12 touches minimum.   All it takes is one play.

Of course, there are many other ‘musts’ I could list here, but the post would become a blabbering  tirade (if it’s not already…haha).

I will leave you with MSU’s stud on defense: Defensive end, Pernell McPhee.  He has been very quiet the first three games.  Don’t let him make noise now.  He is all SEC  and hopefully will look more like all ACC  today.  MSU Defense has 4 total sacks on the year, but don’t let that fool you.  Against Auburn and LSU, they saw two very mobile QB’s who rolled out of the pocket almost every play.  MSU’s defensive line is good.  Not great (but neither were Arky’s).  If we can keep them at bay, we should be golden.


With a few razzle-dazzle, ‘I can’t believe it’  plays out of left field, I have pretty good feeling that we will become more cohesive and efficient as an offense.  We score early and often, taking the crowd out of the game, using the latter part of the second half to let Carlton Thomas to carry the load.

UGA 31 – Fake Bulldogs 10       We Suck…


Go Dawgs!!!!


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